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Clinic, Surgery and Salon Insurance

What are Aesthetics Clinics, Surgeries and Salons?

In the last twenty years, aesthetic medicine and procedures have witnessed significant advancements, leading to a surge in its popularity. Consequently, there has been a notable increase in the number of clinics, surgeries, and salons throughout the UK. Treatments at an aesthetic and medical clinic, surgery or salon can include Botox and fillers, skin rejuvenation therapies, facial and chemical skin peels, laser hair removal, and various other services.

Why do aesthetic clinics, surgeries and salons need insurance?

With any aesthetic or medical procedure, there is always the potential for complications. The nature of aesthetic procedures that take place in clinics, surgeries and salons can leave room for potential complications and risks, such as adverse reactions, infections, or unsatisfactory results. When these situations occur, patients may file lawsuits seeking compensation for damages, including medical expenses. Having Medical Malpractice Insurance can help to cover your business when challenges may arise, aiming to protect you from costly legal fees and financial complications.


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