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COVID-19: Keeping the Children Entertained

n these unprecedented times with the closure of the schools and a lot of us working from home we thought it might help to have a round-up of various websites and information that might give you and the children a break from things.

Just as with home working, the advice is that you need to have a timetable but keep it flexible as otherwise you could find it too challenging to follow.

Lots of schools will have sent home resources and it will of course depend on how old your children are but we have tried to pull a variety of ideas together.

General ideas

The BBC have a wealth of resources on BBC Bitesize with topics covering Maths, English, Science, History and more.

And there is also The Purple Pumpkin blog which is full of free printable and downloadable idas to keep your children entertained. Plus the blog is filled with loads of baking recipes and arts and crafts ideas.

Learning4Kids is slightly American but there are loads of great exercises to help you burn some of their energy off. You can play by age so you can find the activities that are suitable for your children; there is also loads of crafting ideas that you can do as a family.


How about stories from the space station?

Listen to an astronaut read a book in space (younger children) or do science experiments from Space Station Explorers.

Fancy some more science experiments?

Try out Kitchen Pantry Scientists with exciting experiments such as floating ping pong balls, NASA flying rockets and there is even a recipe for homemade hand sanitiser.

Virtual Tours

Some of the world’s leading galleries, museums and national parks are all available online.  We may not be able to get out there and see these things but there are some great VR travel experiences to share with the kids.

Children with Learning disabilities or ASD

It can be a particularly challenging time for those who have children with a learning disability so Cardiff and Vale University Health Board have put a pack together to help with everything from managing behaviour to sleep routines.  You have to sign up but they have an interesting document that may help.

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